Crankshaft, Pinion, Bull Gear, and Connecting Rods

White Star’s crankshaft is manufactured from a modified 4340 material with high nickel content to reduce crack initiation and propagation. It has a high chrome content to prevent corrosion. White Star crankshafts are static balanced for smooth operation to reduce noise and vibration, which extends the life of the bearings and crankshaft. The Pinion and Bull Gear are made from similar material to the crankshaft and with a high precision double helical gear, with less backlash than any of our competitors. The precision gears ensure power is transmitted over the full width of the adjacent gears and the decreased backlash prevents the hammering effect, which occurs with speed change. Interchangeable with Ideco mud pumps

Our connecting rods are made from high specification alloy steel. White Star connecting rods are machined with high precision to ensure the alignment between the crankshaft and the crosshead. Interchangeable with Ideco mud pumps