About White Star Pump Company

Incorporated in 2002, White Star’s Engineers designed triplex mud pumps and replacement parts for Ideco pumps, Realizing the increasing availability of low-cost, inferior mud pumps on the market today, White Star Pump dEsigned the superior and revolutionary Quatro mud pump capable of 10,000psi. Used all of the world by some of the largest Players in the oil and Gas Industry.

Fallout Shelters

Due to the recent escalation of Russian invasion, it became clear that the potential of a Nuclear war was a real threat in Europe. With demand, backlog and below ground Fallout Shelters that must be shipped complete. White Star once again provided an engineered solution by designing the Star Fallout Shelter kit that sits above ground and can be completed on site in 2 to 6 weeks from ordering

Quadraplex: The mud pump that’s setting new standards

The Quadraplex “Quatro” is a low-maintenance, high-performance mud pump that boasts up to 1597 GPM and , when unitized, is the narrowest in its category on the market today.

With this unprecedented, space-efficient design, White Star has introduced in 2009 a fully self-powered, hydraulically unitized trailer-mounted model of the Quatro that requires no rig power. This highly mobile unit serves as a perfect emergency back-up or supplementary pump on critical well sections. Click here for more details.