Electric submersible pump

White Star specializes in the production of WS submersible electric pumps, which belong to the API standard. It is one of the important equipment for fluid pumping in ultra-deep wells. It has a thin outer diameter (96mm, 116mm, 138mm, 143mm, etc.) and a high lift (100-2000 meters), which is especially suitable for ultra-deep well fluid extraction, geological exploration, extraction of underground high-temperature hot fluid, etc. The company can provide a complete set of equipment: submersible electric pump, submersible motor, motor protector, oil casing, armored cable, control panel with AC motor, transformer and spare parts. A complete set of equipment The company provides on-site installation guidance.

For high-lift WS submersible electric pump products, our factory can provide many product models. Taking ESP electric submersible pump product specifications as an example, it can provide submersible motor, motor protector, machine-protection integrated motor, centrifugal pump, oil and gas separator, etc. All products are produced by ourselves according to our high-quality standards using high-efficiency equipment. All the products are tested on our test stands. There is no middleman link, the WS submersible electric pump factory produces and sells, the product quality is guaranteed, and the product price is low. Welcome to visit the factory and call for inquiry.

Electric submersible pump downhole test system – PHD test system: The PHD test system is developed and produced by CENTRILIFT in the United States, which can test the temperature and pressure of the pump hanger. Divided into two parts: downhole and ground, WS submersible electric pump (1) The downhole part is called a primary instrument: inductance coil, filter inductance capacitor, transformer, temperature relay, etc. It is installed at the tail of the motor. (2) The ground part is called the secondary instrument: generally placed in the transformer or control cabinet, switchboard, and connected to the main power line.

The composition of the electric submersible pump — the classification of  brand three-phase asynchronous submersible motor: A: ordinary series submersible motor: 90-150 degrees well temperature use, anti-rotation rotor bearing, 35CrMo high-strength pump shaft, high-quality silicon Copper sheet, high temperature resistant thrust bearing, fluororubber sealing ring.

—API standard WS submersible electric pump B: high temperature series submersible motor: ordinary series derivative, used for 180-200 degrees well temperature, H-class insulating paint, anti-rotation rotor bearing, 35CrMo high-strength pump shaft, high quality Silicon copper sheet, PTFE high temperature groove insulation 215 degrees, high temperature thrust, fluororubber seal, high temperature submersible motor oil.

–API standard WS submersible electric pump C, anti-corrosion series submersible motor used in well temperature of 90-150 degrees, H-class insulating paint, HSN or AFLAS rubber ring, and the surface of the motor is sprayed with MonelK-500. MonelK-500 bolts. D. All-steel series submersible motor: used at 90-150 degrees well temperature, all-iron core design, high temperature resistant thrust, 35CrMo high-strength shaft, fluorine rubber seal, high temperature resistant thrust, made of high temperature resistant materials.

WS submersible pump factory information:

Comprehensive introduction of submersible motor for electric submersible pump–1. API standard WS submersible electric pump three-phase asynchronous submersible motor Model: 375, 456, 540, 675. 2. Outer diameter: 98,mm, 116mm, 138mm, 172mm3 , Motor power: 6KW-420KW, 4, the number of motor sections: single, double, multi-section form, 5, voltage level: 380V-3000V, 6, temperature: 5-180 ℃. 7. Form: three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage submersible motor, oil-filled. 8. Material: (1) Motor head/seat: carbon steel (2) Spline sleeve: carbon steel (3) Thrust bearing: tin bronze (4) Shaft: Monel, 35Cr1mo

API standard WS submersible electric pump price—specific requirements of the control cabinet: the main and control circuits of the control cabinet should be subjected to a 50HZ withstand voltage test, no breakdown for 1min, and the effective value of the test voltage is 2 times the rated voltage plus 1000V. (1) The phase-to-phase and ground-to-ground insulation resistance of the main circuit of the WS submersible pump control cabinet of API standard should be greater than 500 megohms. (2) The insulation resistance of the control circuit of the control cabinet to the box should be greater than 2 megohms. Three-phase current display error shall not be higher than 5%.

The composition of API standard WS submersible electric pump – the role of oil and gas separator. (1) Acting as the suction port of the API standard WS submersible electric pump (2) Separating the gas in the oil well fluid, reducing the influence of the gas on the pump displacement, head, efficiency, etc. (3) The lower part is connected with the WS submersible electric pump protector, and the upper part is connected with the multi-stage centrifugal pump, which plays the role of transmitting power. If the oil well or hot spring well does not contain gas, the oil and gas separator can not be installed, and only the suction port can be selected. But for the sake of safety, it is generally recommended to install it to prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations and avoid causing greater losses.

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Summary of the selection steps of WS ESP electric submersible pump and oil-filled WS submersible electric pump–API standard WS submersible electric pump price. (1) Collect and analyze oil well formation, wellbore, production, fluid and power supply data (2) Carry out gas calculation to determine the model of the API standard WS ESP electric submersible pump separator. (3) Calculate the bottom hole dynamic pressure and determine the production capacity of the oil well (4) Calculate the total dynamic pressure head of the oil well (5) Select the appropriate pump type of the API standard WS electric submersible pump. (6) Select the model and specification of the supporting cable. (7) Calculate the transformer capacity and select the correct specifications (8) Correctly select accessories such as oil pipe joints and junction boxes.

Design specifications and parameters of the centrifugal pump of WS API standard WS submersible electric pump—Aote pump industry: (1) 338 series WS submersible electric pump: flow range: 34-424m3/d (2) 400 series: flow Range: 18-840m3/d (3) 513 series WS submersible electric pump: flow range: 123-1850m3/d (4) 675 series: flow range: 600-3410m3/d. Different series have a certain high-efficiency operating range, and the operating efficiency is generally above 50%.